Gathering Ticket and Entry Forms

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Salado Scottish Gathering and Highland Games, originally scheduled for November 13-15. The Salado Museum Board of Directors met July 25th to consider input provided by the Scottish Gathering Committee and made the decision that it would not be possible to host the event this year due to the ongoing considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for the full announcement.

Gathering Poster and Rack Card: Gathering Poster 2021 | Gathering Rack Card 2021 (Coming Soon!)

Grounds and Special Event Ticket Pre-order Form(s):

Online: (Processed by Square Payment via JotForm)

2021 Advance Online Ticket Order Form (Coming Soon!)

  • Weekend Pass: $20/adult, $8/child (6-12)
  • Saturday Only: $15/adult, $6/child (6-12)
  • Sunday Only: $10/adult, $4/child (6-12)
  • Friday Calling of the Clans/Welcome Social $15
  • Saturday Tartan Dinner $45

For information about becoming a vendor, please contact the SMCP Office by phone during normal business hours or at

Clan Tent Entry Form: 2021 SMCP Clan Tent Application (Coming Soon!)

For information about events for Clan Society Representatives, please contact the SMCP Office

Piping, Drumming, and Band Entry Form: Pipe-Drum-Dance Entry Form

Online: (Processed by Square Payment via JotForm)

2021 Piping, Drumming, and Band Competition Entry Form (Coming Soon!)

2021 Highland Dance Competition Entry Form (Coming Soon!)

For additional information on piping, drumming, and band competitions, please contact Rose Adams

For additional information about the Highland Dancing Competition, please contact Donna Cusack

Athletic Entry Form: Athletic Entry Form and Schedule 2021 (Coming Soon!)

If not paid in advance, all Athletes are required to pay $30 at Check-in and sign an injury waiver prior to entry onto the throwing area. No Exceptions.

Dog Parade: Dog Parade 2021 Registration Form (Coming Soon!)

For further information, contact Pat Darnell

Shortbread Contest: 2021 Shortbread Contest Entry Information (Coming Soon!)

For further information, contact Susie Jackson

Vendors wishing to participate at SMCP Events should contact the SMCP Office directly.