Cody Drake Treasure Hunter – April 4th

A presentation of Historic Artifacts uncovered in Salado Creek by renowned Treasure Hunter, Cody Drake. Saturday April 4, 2020 at 1 p.m.

Admission $10 for adults. $5 for children (Under 6 Free).

Cody Drake, known nationally as the Arizona Treasure Hunter, is formally educated in Anthropology and experienced in Archaeology and Paleontology. Born in Amarillo Texas, and raised in Southern Arizona, he has been steeped in the history and in the tradition of exploring the lost treasures of the Southwest since the age of 8. Cody is also is a trained desert survivalist. He has actively worked on numerous excavation and historic sites, appeared on many news and television programs, and is currently awaiting the publication of his book on Southwestern treasure hunting and desert survival.

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