2023 Gathering Musical Guests

Unfortunately Ed Miller and Rich Brotherton will not be able to join us this year due to unforeseen circumstances.

Murder the Stout

Hugh Morrison and Murder the Stout.  Progressive Celtic Rock band led by Wick-born Scottish button accordionist. Rollicking rhythms of traditional Scottish dance band music heard in Ceilidh dance halls across Scotland as well as folk, rock, punk and ska are all apparent in their music. Their catchy melodies and rousing sounds are sure to delight listeners young and old who will no doubt want to sing along. From first note to last, they are far more than the average pub-song rock band.

Jil and Dan

Jil Chambless. Vocals, flute, whistle. Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, but now residing in Tuscaloosa, Jil has been a prominent figure on the Alabama Celtic music scene since the late 1980s. She performs regularly and has completed several recording projects with various well-known Celtic music groups around the country and abroad. In 2009 she released her first solo recording, The Ladies Go Dancing, and has appeared as a guest artist on other music artists’ recordings. Jil is also a mathematics instructor at the University of Alabama.

Dan Vogt. Guitar, bouzouki, vocals. Not a native of Alabama, but living in Tuscaloosa since the early 1980s, Dan is relatively new to the playing of Celtic music. He is a long-time rocker, playing electric guitar in various Tuscaloosa-based rock bands. Although he’s been listening to Celtic music and attending many Celtic music events with Jil for over 30 years, in 2010 he became interested in playing Celtic-style acoustic guitar in DADGAD tuning. He recently added the bouzouki and tenor banjo to his repertoire. Dan also works at The Guitar Gallery.

Jil and Dan can be found playing around Tuscaloosa and at regional Celtic festivals. The duo’s first CD, Two for the Road Late One Night, was released in 2019.

Colin MacLeod

Colin MacLeod is originally from Scotland and has been playing Celtic fiddle for more than 40 years. He achieved Grade 8 Violin Distinction, played in Celtic bands in Australia, and has hosted Celtic fiddle workshops in Scotland, Australia and the United States since 2007. Colin regularly performs and teaches, both in person and online, in Europe, Australia and North America.

Silver Thistle Pipes & Drums

Silver Thistle has been participating in pipe band competitions and performing in Texas and around the world for more than 45 years. We are dedicated to serving the greater Austin area through quality performances and education.