POSTPONED: E.S.C. Robertson: Noteworthy Figure of Early Texas

A Lecture by Texas Historian and Author Dr. Ken Bridges

The Lucile A. Robertson Center Salado Museum

Dr. Bridges’ presentation will focus on the life of Col. Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson, son of Sterling C. Robertson, the Empresario who brought the earliest settlers to the Salado area. In 1859 Col. Elijah Robertson donated 100 acres of land that enabled the town’s early pioneers to establish Salado College and the village of Salado at the same time.

Dr. Bridges on Robertson: “He never set out to be a soldier, but he was respected for his exploits in uniform. Though not a teacher, his most long-lasting monument was the short-lived college he founded. When he was still a teenager, he was already a veteran, responsible for translating legal documents, and running the entire Texas postal system.

Elijah Robertson had a life that took him in unusual directions, as life often does, making him one of the more noteworthy figures of early Texas.

Dr. Ken Bridges is a native Texan, who earned a Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Texas and a Master of Arts and a doctorate at the University of North Texas. He moved to the Texarkana area in January 2003 where he works as a history professor for a local college. He has written seven books, and currently writes the weekly “History Minute” column appearing in 30 Arkansas newspapers and the “Texas History Minute” column appearing in more than 50 Texas papers.

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